The Wind Energy

The Wind Energy

The Wind Energy

Wind energy is the energy stored in the wind, a renewable and clean energy types,

and can be utilized in several aspects, it can be converted into electrical energy through turbines,

and into mechanical energy using windmills, which are based grind grain, were also used in ancient water transportation,

and move ships using sails.

Wind farms

It is a great set of turbines that run on electricity production

, up to several hundred,

and there are two wind farms, some of which is wild,

some of which is offshore

, the only difference between the two is the presence of turbines on land or at sea,

and it should be noted the strongest winds of the sea,

and the best for the production of electricity,

but in return you need for a higher cost of construction and maintenance than in the mainland.

Examples of wild wind farms around the world

1-Gansu wind farm in China, a top wind farm productivity of the world’s electricity.

2-Alta wind farm in the United States.

3-Jay Salmr wind farm in India.

Topping the United States the largest number of the largest wind farms in the wild world,

and the vast spaces that are used to put these turbines can be exploited for other purposes, such as agriculture.

Examples of offshore wind farms around the world

1- Farm London Array, a subsidiary of the United Kingdom

2- Gabbard farm arrogance, a subsidiary of the United Kingdom.

3- Farm Anholt, a subsidiary of Germany.


The turbine is designed such a way that the kinetic energy is converted to wind into electrical energy can be used,

or stored until needed,

The small of which can be used to charge the battery,

while the larger kind could fill the house needs electrical power,

while large, called wind farms groups,

are used to generate a lot of energy in order to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

The turbine is a hardware consists of several parts, namely:

*Long column, which varies in length from a turbine to another,

knowing that the greater the height of the turbine increases its ability to generate electricity,

due to the increased wind speed at the top.

*Cipher, and vary from one turbine to another,

some of which is horizontal and the plane looks like a fan,

but a much larger size, including what looks like a giant whisk eggs.

  • Electricity generator, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy blades.
  • Batteries, used to store the energy produced.
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The effects of lower Petroleum prices


The effects of lower Petroleum prices

The effects of lower Petroleum prices

Petroleum is one of the most important natural resources owned by

a number of countries in the world,

was the discovery of oil form for the first time a turn and a large

shift in the economies of the countries that discovered them;

where there was an economic boom and changed consumption

patterns and take life in all its manifestations and aspects another

form is characterized by luxury and well-being due to the proceeds

of oil and its revenues that contributed to the increase in the national

income of the oil countries.


The importance of natural oil as wealth lies in being an important

and a key element in the industry that has evolved dramatically in

the twentieth century atheist and because of that oil provides fuel

and energy running factories, machinery and other production

elements of the process


Global oil market


Developed countries oil wealth has attached great importance,

as private organizations that include the care of the oil market and

the organization of buying and selling and production processes,

for example by OPEC, which holds its on nearly forty percent of the

world production of oil states established,and nearly eighty percent

of the world’s reserves .

Because oil is one of the matters that are subject to the calculations

of supply and demand, the prices are constantly changing depending

on many political and economic factors, currently the scene of the

world drop in oil prices to low levels because of the abundance of

supply and lack of demand, what are the effects of lower oil prices?

The negative effects of lower oil prices

Lower oil prices affect positively and negatively on producing

countries and consuming countries alike; For the producing

countries, the national income is affected by these countries as a

result of lower oil prices undoubtedly; A country such as Saudi

Arabia, for example, issued annually approximately 2.5 billion

barrels of oil, and it the drop in oil prices one dollar a year to lose $

2.5 billion, and this necessarily affects the national income derived

from the sale of oil.

Producing countries may resort result to rely on funds sovereign or

may resort to pursue an unprecedented economic policies while

taxes levied on goods and services, as lower oil prices adversely

affect oil companies such as Exxon, Shell, and BP, when forced to lay

off a number of workers due to decrease their profits.


The positive effects of lower oil prices


The drop in oil prices undoubtedly advantages for many countries;

the European Union, for example, fall has oil import bill, and reduces

dependence on other energy that may need equipment and large

amounts of money substitutes, and the other poor countries may

find the drop in oil prices lifeline for economies that suffer the impact

of increasing the deficit and indebtedness.

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