The Electricity

The Electricity

The Electricity

Electricity is considered these days one of the most important forms of energy at all;

since they interfere in our daily lives dramatically, so the world has witnessed a great development after the discovery of electricity,

and beginning to learn how to use them in different hardware industry, which we can not do without at all these days .


Electricity has made people’s lives these days is much easier than it was in the past by various uses in various fields,

and scientists still yet seek constantly to find other ways to take advantage of this energy.

The importance of electricity

More things clearer and perhaps greater importance of electricity in our lives at the moment is their exit from the darkness;

as the lives of the people before the discovery of electricity and the invention of the lamp was entirely dependent on sunlight,

and later beats their day with the evening and the sunset, so to their inability to carry out any activities the other,

but at the moment has become a shining light at all times, enabling people to do their jobs throughout the day.

The electricity useful in helping them to humans to increase the productivity of various goods and commodities, and even to do its work better and faster;

where he became the factories in these days to fully operate on electricity,

increasing productivity and the quality of manufactured goods as well, and the means of transport entering the electricity also in the manufacture of the moment it made it easier for people to do significantly different to their work, mobility and trade.

Electricity plays a very big role in the ministry of people’s lives in various parts of the world these days, intervened electricity in various medical device industry, which are used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, which has helped to expand the scope of medicine, the ability, accuracy, and cases in which doctors can do remedying it, and in addition LG, the electricity has become the intervention since the twentieth century in the manufacture of some prosthetics,

which could not have been made without electricity; industrial such as the heart and who rides in the habit during heart transplants, or as the heart of an artificial permanently replace cardiac shop is managed by an external electric battery.

The computers, which would not exist without electricity have facilitated people’s lives is very large;

as we see computers these days intervene in people’s lives in a variety of their fields,

they are involved in smart devices which have contributed significantly to bring the distances between people industry,

and in the industry aircraft and all the different devices in the world today.

The importance of electricity and its impact on our lives

When talking about the importance of electricity we see that all nations put “power” an important part of their strategies along with all of water,

food and oil as well as many of the basic state that rely on them in all aspects of resources;

where the State of exploiting “electricity” in the operation of the mechanisms and motors inside factories to be able to continue its work and provide all of the individual requirements,

whether those factories for clothing and footwear,

or for food and medicine. On the other hand the State to supply “electricity” for companies and government offices and private departments to follow up on its work to secure all the human needs of the papers and certificates and transactions,

is the existence of “power” is important in universities, schools and educational institutions, all of which allow a person to continue his education and his studies.

When talking about the importance of “electricity” in the life of the people themselves,

we find that their presence is necessary for the extent of the positive impact on their lives,

as each home is not without the presence of the most important basics that must be met in order to ensure that human life is his family smoothly without any obstacles hindering the purity of their lives among those basics are the “electricity”;

their presence inside the house allows an individual that all electrical devices used when wills,

also keep him out of blackness and darkness by providing lights and lighting, especially when the sun sets and night falls,

when the winter and the magnitude of the severe atmosphere comes cold and harsh here lies the role of “power” and its importance in the heat of people in such a climate,

through the “electric heaters” that sends heat and give the character and atmosphere of warmth of the place.

The existence of “electricity” within our lives a necessity that can not give up or live without it, In the same Like water,

food, air, and money; as each one of these is characterized by unique special nature of the extent of its importance and its impact on our lives,

as the mind of every human being by nature can not imagine a life of its owner without these basics, so he can not do without one of them, so as to integrate their roles among themselves,

sum up talking here stating that there is no life without “electricity”

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How wind power turned into electrical energy


The Wind Energy

wind a source of renewable energy sources that do not dry up,

but that man has deliberately manufacturing tools and means to take advantage of wind energy,

the most important convert wind energy into electrical energy,

and rely on converting the kinetic energy into electrical energy using the huge generators finned giant,

and used the wind out of date in several forms,

including the use of the conduct of the sailboat, used in the era of technology,

our time to move the fins turbines for energy production

How wind power transformed into electrical energy


Use turbines to take advantage of wind energy,

and convert it into electrical energy,some of which is a small size,

it is called a turbine short wind, is used to charge the battery or lamp lighting, some of which is large,

it is called a turbine high wind is used to produce an enormous electrical energy,

and can be field of energy It is used to run factories or provide the energy needed to light up an entire city.


The working principle of the turbine


There are several types of turbines, including what looks like a ship’s sail, including like Whisk ​​eggs,

the most prevalent and the most capable to generate power is what will be in the form of a giant fan reaches a height above the ground for 110 meters, and consists mainly of 2 fan or three,

which has a length of one of which about ten meters,

the private electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical, maintenance and storage power plant,

in addition to the protection and safety system, and an estimated production of these turbines energy approximately 500-1300 MW,

the greater the size of the turbine increased energy produced size.


When the wind gusts or air breezes, its hit with the finned turbine then start movie ,

and rotation of the fins turbine spins the engine related thereto,

generating this amount of power commensurate with the wind speed and strength,

and there are devices to measure wind speed and direction,

and an electric motor shall move the flippers make the most of the wind to capitalize on by direction,

and energy is saved electrical resulting in the batteries, and in spite of that,

the stronger the wind generated electric power larger, but the turbine has a brake,

the control of the movement of the fin in the wind intensified dramatically, and stopped completely in the storms.


There turbines similar to wind turbines, but they rely on Hydropower ,

is posted at the waterfalls and rivers, and was in the old in the form of wheels, the first form of the turbine,

and used to transport the water, and grinding grain, olives, has been used by the Greeks BC about a hundred years,

and the fans aerobic her first appearance was in Persia in the seventh century.

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