How is the generation of electric power

How is the generation of electric power

How is the generation of electric power

Electrical Energy is the backbone of modern life and considers such as air to
breathe, which does not think so …. For bioelectricity many uses in
our lives, heating, cooling and lighting and operation of electrical devices
such as TV and the computer as well as used in the entertainment business and other
raised. Without electricity become heavy life and cumbersome and intolerable. And proceeds
of electricity power plants to the homes through the distribution network of huge if
you are living in a village or a remote area connected to the electricity will see
electricity lines Airbag

The basic idea of electricity generation:
summarized the idea of electricity generation, often in currency mechanical energy (mobility and engage PTO) to the
electrical power by urging magnetic and responsible for this conversion is the generator
rotor. But the source is the axle which differentiate between the types of power stations is the source of the
basic cost to generate electricity.


Ways of generating energy:
Rotary turbines tied electric generators and produces most of the commercial electricity available in the
world. Is recycled turbine through an intermediary smooth and flexible working energy carrier of the type of the
mediator as follows:
– Steam: are boiling water through heat produced from nuclear fission or
fuel burning (such as: coal or natural gas or oil). Some of the new stations use the sun
as a source of heat.

2- Water: the use of flowing water being from rivers and waterfalls or use
of dams to move the turbine.


C – Winds: advantage of the wind in the moving of the turbine.
D – Warm gases: the use of hot gas which is heated by burning fuel or
oil in moving the turbine.
2Hard electricity generation small States such as diesel engines and often this type used as engines –
3 _ PV cells to the sun rays to electricity directly.

4 _There are several other ways maternity cannot area, and the most famous generating electricity –
chemically and the best example of this batteries.

When entering the outstretched gas to the turbine, extends gas turbine fins governorships up
temperature to 1,000 degrees Celsius and then move the turbine and be cranking up
(RPM speed of 3000 twisting ppm (3000

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Generation of Electrical Energy

The process of generating or electric energy production is in fact energy conversion from one
form to another according to the energy sources available in centers electric energy demand,
according to the required amounts of energy, which determines the types of power stations and
types of consumption and the types and sources of fuel has no influence in determining the type and location of the station
and energy.


The types of power stations:
early warning here types of power stations used on a global level
type used:
1. The generating stations motorcycles.
2. Power stations.
3. Hydropower plants and.
4. The generating stations and tidal
5. The generating stations of internal combustion engine (Diesel – soft drinks)
6. The generating stations by wind.
7. The generating stations solar power.


1 – Power Stations motorcycle
(Energy Converter) are generating plants motorcycle converted atomic energy is
used these stations of various types of fuel types available such as
coal or liquid oil or natural gas or industrial.
Feature motorcycle stations large in size and the cost of licenses for the
huge potentials either feature the possibility of their use Saline Water Conversion Corporation, which
makes bilateral production, especially in the country where the sources of fresh water.
Selection of the chic Steam Power Site sites selected motorcycle Stations
Control in the selection of appropriate locations to generating stations thermal several
influential factors early warning, including
the following:
1. The proximity of the sources of fuel and easy transfer to these sites and provide the means of
2. The proximity of the sources of cooling water intensive because the needs are illiterate hebert of
cooling water. Therefore, the adoption of these stations are usually on the shores of the sea or
near the stream.
3. The proximity of the centers of power consumption to provide for the establishment of a
transportation lines. The consumption centers are usually cities and residential areas and
business complexes and industrial
and power stations on the use of the type of fuel available cigarette in Ifrane
for converting chemical energy in the fuel to the thermal power in the flame resulting from the
combustion process then the use of geothermal energy for heating water, in particular boilers
into a steam bath in the temperature of a certain pressure and then to highlight this steam (boilers)
turbines or steam turbines designed this end assembles rapid steam rotate the axis of the
turbines thus become thermal energy to mechanical energy on the axis of the turbines
. Linking the axis of the electric generator directly linked with the axis of steam turbines is the axis of the
same speed and exploiting especially magnetic (AL TERNATOR) electric generator
of generated on the end of the fixed part (STATOR) of birth and part (ROTOR) rotors
of birth of electric power necessary.
There are no essential differences between the generation stations the motorcycle used types of
different fuel only in terms of the ways to transfer, stockpiling and the circulation of the burning fuel. And that the use of
coal, common in the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, but the discovery
and extraction of oil and its byproducts latest a radical change in the thermal power stations where
used by 90 percent for easy transportation and storage cries that Iraqi-syrian in liquid fuel
or Ghazi.


The components of the generating stations motorcycles:
composed of generating stations motorcycle generally from the main parts of the following:
Furnace: a) the oven
A Hebert receptacle burning fuel. The format of the type of this coffer according to the type of fuel
used and the storage media transfer and circulation of fuel and throwing solid waste
Boiler: B ) boiler
, Hebert receptacle has a clean water heats by fuel burning into this water
to steam bath. In raised often oven boiler into one of an investigation into
direct contact between the burned fuel and water to be heated .D
different types of boilers, depending on the size of the plant steam illiteracy product at the time.
Turbine c ) stop functioning or thermal turbine
a gas turbine of steel center and connects to the body of the cylindrical
installed concave boards collides with the steam works on the loop axis focuses
very high speed about 3,000 per minute cycle turbines and vary in size and design and format
varies depending on the size of the steam bath and speed and temperature, depending on the size of the generating station
Generator: D ) electric generator
is an electric generator composed of biting roles directly tied with the axis of the turbine
static member .wilf members copper wire mobility isolated magnetic field rotary knob
and turn it into an electrical outlet on the outskirts of static member. The format of this generator varies depending on the
size of the station.
Condenser: E ) intensive
a hebert bowl of steel entering the highest steam coming from the turbine after
have ring and lost many pressure and temperature, either in this
intense down a stream of cooling water within the spiral pipeline to divert the
weak steam to water where the return of this water to the boilers again by
special pumps.
The Chimney: F)
cylindrical chimney figure is very high (Brick ) a chimney of thermal remuneration
to expel remnants of burning the invading forces to the atmosphere at high altitude to accelerate the expulsion of the
combustion gases and the reduction of pollution of the environment around the station.
Auxiliaries: G) machinery and equipment
and assistance is the number of hebert of the pumps, engines and mechanical and electrical equipment and
speed toasting equipment steam bath which help to complete the work in power stations.


Nuclear Power Station: 2.2 power stations nuclear power
stations rather nuclear of thermal power stations because it works the same principle which is
generating steam heat and thus steam turbine recycling, which in turn are the
rotating part of the electric generator generate electric energy on the outskirts of the fixed part of this
The difference in power stations that nuclear furnace allowance which burning fuel there is here an
atomic reactor generated heat as a result of the fission uranium particles electrons strikes
animation in the outer layer of the atom and exploit this geothermal energy in the boiling
water in the boiler conversion to steam with high pressure and the degree of very high.
Station have nuclear power to the furnace atomic radiation, which needs the separating wall composition of
atomic radiation and consists of a layer of pay a firearm and a layer of water and a layer of
steel and then Layer of cement up to 2 meters in thickness to protect workers
in the station and the surrounding environment from pollution of atomic radiation.
The first generating station nuclear thermal in the world carried out in 1954 in the
Soviet Union Pass 5 MW. .
The generating stations and the nuclear weapon is used in the Arab countries so far. But the
thermal power stations the motorcycle used in آثيفة on the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and the
Arabian Gulf in electricity generation desalination plants of salt water.


Hydraulic Power Stations: -3 hydropower plants and
where there is no water in high places great lakes and streams, rivers could think of
energy generation, especially if hast nature of the land on which heavy rains or where
mountain rivers and expensive. In such cases could be the generation of electricity from the watershed. If hast
stream of light dip rejections requires the work of dams in the appropriate places in the course of the
river water storage. Establish the generation stations are usually near these dams as is the case
in the course of the River Nile. It has been built in the high dam built with him the power station, the
installed capacity of 1,800 megawatts. On the Euphrates River in northern Syria built Station and Dam
electricity generation, the installed capacity of 800 mw
if the river sloping Abera decline could be the work of the Ghazir road project in the course of the river toward one of the
nearby valleys and artificial waterfall. This is in addition to the natural waterfalls
directly used to generate electricity as is happening in Niagara Falls between anda the
United States. In general that any adult illiteracy of water exist on a certain altitude have the
potential in its website. If the adult illiteracy fell water to a minimum height turned into energy
potential and power to mobility. If illiteracy highlighted water water turbine took place quickly
formed on the axis of the turbine mechanical energy. If the turbine linked with the axis of the
electric generator generate on the outskirts of static member from the birth of electric power.
Hydro-Electric Station Components of: components of generating station
consisting water power station water generally from the following key sections.
Penstock ( watershed (watercourse slash .I
a large pipe or more be at the bottom of the Dam or from the highest waterfall to
(VALVE) (the entrance of the turbine and in water quickly. There is sugar in finish (the gate of
sugar and another in etc. to control water illiteracy of the turbine.
It is worth mentioning that the dams control gates and drains connected water pipeline italics
vary according to water illiteracy and places of their presence.
Turbine: B. turbine
be the turbine generator usually in one place has 2 private garages on the vertical axis.
Born ride over the turbine. When you open the gate at the bottom of the pipeline italics flowing water
quickly in the concave wells revolve quickly and runs with Rotary member in birth where
generate electric energy on the outskirts of this generator.
Draught Tubes: C), tow tube
the water flowing in the recycling of the turbine must be pulled out quickly and smoothly
so as not to impede the axle. Therefore placed pipeline special forms for withdrawing them abroad with the necessary speed.
Auxiliaries: D) equipment and machinery for the assistance
needs of hydropower plants and to many of the Machinery and assistance, such as pumps, gates
and keys and equipment of speed and other.

4- Tidal Power Stations

The tide of natural phenomena known at the time of the inhabitants of the coasts of the law of the sea. They see
the sea water rise in some hours today, decreases in others. May not know that this
increase is the result of the gravity of the moon when close to the Coast Guard and the decline
happens when the moon is away from the coast guard, and when the moon is absent, note that the
moon orbiting the earth in elliptical figure, the cycle of Hijri,
and that the land around itself the twenty four hours. If we have focused attention on a
particular place, opened the moon beacon at night, this means that it is close to the place and the
strong attraction. So the rise of sea water. After 12 hours of the time, the
moon is part diagonally opposite, away from the same place a dimension plus along Qatar globe
it becomes the direction of the gravity of the moon adverse effects and thus reduced the level of the sea water.
More countries of the world, and a feeling of tide is the north-western part of France where the
tide of the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of the Korean Peninsula, Berntania to thirty meters established
there is a power generation capacity of 400 MW. Where
special turbines in the course run by the Tsunami Rising Water then return falling water and run again
It is the places, frequently the tide of the northern coast of the Arabian Gulf in the area of
Kuwait where reaches the highest extended to rise 11 meters but this phenomenon is not used in these
areas for generating electric power.


5-Internal Combustion
Engines” power
stations of internal combustion engine is the machines used liquid fuel
where burning inside rooms burning after mix inflate certain percentages, generated (Fuel Oil)
outputs of the burning a greenhouse on high pressure can move piston
in the case of diesel machines or you can rotate the turbines Herat play a faith in the case of
gas turbines

Diesel Power Station .I
use diesel machines in electricity generation in places preferred position in the Gulf states, particularly
in small towns and villages. They feature operating speed and speed off but need
to high illiteracy from relatively fuel and therefore the intimacy of a productive energy of which depends on the
fuel prices. On the other hand there are units with large capabilities. (3 MW
only). This generators easy installation and use a preferred position in emergency situations or during the
peak period of pregnancy. In this case is normally a large number of these generators in parallel to meet the
needs of the consumption centers.
Gas turbine electricity generation gas turbine units .II
considers the power plants of the turbines invading forces is relatively recent the Middle
East is one of the countries using them. And the capacities of different sizes of the 1 MW
to 250 MW, normally used during the height of the pregnancy in countries where there are
generating stations motorcycle or water, note that the period of the takeoff, braking ranging between 2 to 10 minutes.
In most of the Middle East, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and use the
gas turbine power generation throughout the day including a peak period. We find today in
markets mobile units of these generators to emergency situations of different sizes and capabilities.
Feature of these generators is simple and cheap relatively rapid installed and ease of maintenance
and do not need to water cooling preferred position. The features of the possibility of the use of many types of
fuel (crude oil and fresh air – Natural gas – Heavy gas and other … ) and feature is that
quickly turned on and off.
The negatives are weak feedback between 15 and 25 % either the existence
is relatively short and consume a bigger quantity of fuel compared with thermal power stations
Turbines Components of Gas Stations components gas turbines,
the main parts of the generating station gas turbine units are as follows:
The Air Compressor ) air compressor
which takes the air from the atmosphere and raises the pressure to dozens of air pressure.
The Combustion Maze b) the combustion chamber
and confused with compressed air coming from the air plunger fuel with the residual together
by special means engulf. And combustion products from different gases at
high temperature high pressure.
The Turbine c ) the turbine
a people-centerd turbine horizontal tied with the axis of the air plunger directly and on the
other hand with birth but by gear box to reduce speed, because the speed of the
turbine speed too high not commensurate with the speed electric generator. The intervention of the gases
resulting from the combustion turbine will witness many do succeed number of hand
Low Pressure (accommodate the turbine Qatar from this side) to the air through the chimney.
Generator The D ) electric generator
related electric generator with the turbine by gear box to reduce speed either mentioned
in some modern turbines to articulate


6 power stations by the wind
could be exploited the wind in the places that are permanent streams of the wind in the recycling of
huge fans and high for generating electric power. For example, there was a small cities in the
United States and Europe derived power for daily consumption of
power station operating by wind and the length of the fan blade 25 meters. No wonder it hast windmills,
known in the past in Europe a kind of the use of the ability of the wind in the recycling of the millstone,
in these days who moves on the east coast of Scotland sees many of these
fans to produce electrical energy as well as the park on the northern shore in Lebanon
sees these Fans Lift sea waters to the Royal Saltworks production of salt.
4.7 The generation stations solar energy.What can result in
practical work has become in commercial circulation is the use of solar energy for the production of
electric energy in the warm waters of the home use, especially in student rallies
, labor.

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