Who the first one discover the oil

Discoverer of oil is Max Steineke He Explorer petroleum holds US

citizenship, graduated from Stanford University in the year (1621),

majoring in geology and died Stinky Science in 1952, a prominent

explorers in America, where he was one of the largest Algilogian

known in the company, “the California Standard Oil” of the year

(1936) to a year (1950), where the company has turned into a

“Aramco” later, he contributed to the discovery of oil in Saudi

Arabia in commercial quantities and that by insisting and his efforts

in the Dammam area “Beer Dammam No. 7” during the month of March 1938.


On May 29 of the year 1933 was awarded Arabia concession

company “Standard Oil” (Casoc), the Dammam area is the first

target for oil exploration where they were digging a series of test

wells in 1935, Stinky arrived in Saudi Arabia a year (1934) for the

first time his , where he was a great Algilogian works in “Casoc” year

in 1936, and in 1937 began a trip to explore to find out the nature of

Geloggio Saudi Arabia with a group of Algilogian who work with

him, and in the year (1936) of any well of the wells in the test failed

to detect the presence of commercial quantities of oil in that region,

and in December of 1936 Stinky began in the deepest test and urged

him, and in 1938, Stinky was called to “San Francisco” where he

convinced them successfully continued Alhverwa that region, and in

the first week of March year 1938 Dammam field 7 began

production commercial quantities of oil at a depth of 1440 meters,

where production reached 3,000 barrels by the end of the same

month, and in 1940, Dammam 7 field production has become up to

12,000 barrels per day.


In 1940 he found “Stinky” and just 50 kilometers from Dammam

signs indicate the presence of oil, so this was a field pumps about

(10,000) barrels per day, a Abqaiq oil field and a reserve of about 12

billion barrels of oil, the process of “Stinky” Technology new

structural drilling for drawing geological maps underground, was

the use of this technology on a large scale in oil exploration

operations in Saudi Arabia, where Stinky got Bowers Award

(American Society in Geloggio oil), and the prize was given to him as

he developed detection ways oil and get a huge commercial

quantities than any Jalogi another, as these sophisticated method

made it possible to find the largest oil field, which “Ghawar field,”

the work of “Stinky” in Saudi Arabia during World war II to produce

oil to its allies as well as the protection of oil wells enemies,

remained as chief Algilogian in the company, “Aramco” until 1950

and died in 1952 at the age of 54 years.


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