The Natural gas

Enjoy countries that alternative energy sources have the economic and financial strength, and since the discovery of alternative energy and states seeking to excavated in order to take advantage of them in different things of life, and that contribute to the renaissance of the community. An alternative energy sources, the most widely used natural gas, below we will talk about.


Natural gas hydrocarbon compound that contains in its composition on plankton; it microorganisms Kaltahalb, organic material from plants and animals, and other primary, formed the influence of pressure and temperature extreme under the temperature more than 150 degrees Celsius in the layers of the earth, or the sea, or ocean sediments for thousands years at a depth of up to six thousand meters. Is a gas has no odor or color,

smell issued him just some additives to it to distinguish it, which is lighter than air, it Negotiable blowing out, and the ignition if exposed heat source Kallahb or electricity, and it is placed in the cylinder airtight and are not full filled only by 80 % -85% to prevent explosions, and what might succeed him of casualties or material damage, and is considered an alternative source of oil, which is less expensive and higher quality and cleanliness of the environment. Natural gas types methane ranging accounted for between 70% -100%. Ethane ranging existence between 1% -10% ratio. Albrooaan constitutes a very small percentage. Natural gas is considered the benefits of economic wealth, providing income materially higher per capita, and increases the standard of living, due to the state in improving its economy and enhance its strength.

Natural gas is one of the most secure alternative sources of energy. It limits the audio Aaltlut; because the gas transfer process is performed by equipment located in the ground. It prevents contamination of the environment; because of clean energy sources.

The United States has taken a substitute natural gas for coal; for being the cleanest in 1952, and became one quarter of the energy consumed. Qatar enjoys a prominent position in the production of liquefied natural gas, with an estimated production of approximately 23 billion cubic feet daily. Chinese natural gas takes a way to extract salt from the sea. Natural gas is used in the uses of the various vital activities, things of life such as cooking, heating, water heating, and rely upon the work of its machinery in factories, and as fuel for cars, and gas for refrigerators. Used in power plants, where the gas is burned and take advantage of the energy produced in the power generation, and that man can not be dispensed with in the modern era.

Ohforea to serve as fuel, and contributes to the steel and plastic industry.

Made into cement. Desalination of sea water. Enters in the chemical industry and parts of vehicles. The separation of the oil components from each other by the energy generated from gas flaring. Enters in the textile and clothing industry

. Used in the manufacture of detergents such as soap and other, paints, insulation materials, and cassettes. Many companies tended to make cars that run on natural gas, and these companies Mercedes and Scania, Man, Volvo, and General Motors, Fiat, Toyota and many more. Natural gas effect on the human causes gas inhalation symptoms including nausea, dizziness, vomiting, difficulty of vision, difficulty breathing, and death. It did not demonstrate any effects or allergies in contact with skin or eyes.

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