The advantages of the use of nuclear energy advantages and disadvantages

Nuclear energy

When it comes to nuclear energy advantages Its disadvantages comes to mind what happened of painful incidents in this area; in 1986, specifically in Ukraine was one of its nuclear reactors to the accident of radioactive leakage, which led to the killing of thirty-one persons in addition to exposing the thousands to the risk of nuclear radiations and caused by the distortions and obstructions.


Remember what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the Japanese when they were fired on by U.S. planes the first atomic bomb and what that caused thousands of victims, despite the painful memories in the history of nuclear reactors but that nuclear energy in general has its advantages, what is the nuclear energy? How arise? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


The production of nuclear energy

The so-called on the energy produced from the control of the interactions of the splitting of the integration of atomic cores nuclear power, is access to nuclear energy through n toward Noi uranium particles leading to fission composed n the other attack the nucleus of the other atoms causing a series of nuclear fission, in each case, the splitting of the releases thermal power high, and the establishment of nuclear reactors to generate electric power where energy resulting from the nuclear fission for heating water, which in turn formed of water vapor temperature high-works to move the turbine fins and electric power generation which benefit people.

The features of nuclear energy

The Nuclear Energy several features: The easy availability of materials used in nuclear reactors is a: the element of irradiated Uranium easy transfer materials other than oil and coal in need of difficulty in extracted from underground replication and transfer, and that the nuclear reactors do not need a large area like power generation solar or wind power, and that nuclear energy produced one ton of uranium equivalent millions to weaken the energy produced by oil and coal, and do not cause nuclear energy emission of harmful to the environment such as carbon dioxide sulfur dioxide produced by the burning of oil and coal and the consequent problems of global warming, acid rain and other


The disadvantages of the use of nuclear energy


The disadvantages of nuclear energy is known and does not conceal one, the most important of the fears of the leakage of nuclear radiation from nuclear reactors, there is also a difficulty in getting rid of nuclear waste that resort to the developed countries to the Buried in Geological layers so as not to impact amounts to human rights.

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