The definition of nuclear energy


Energy is divided into life to the renewable energy and energy and non-renewable, non-renewable energy is the natural gas, oil and consists in limited quantities in underground during the long years, as a result of burning a lot of pollution.

While renewable energy is that the infinite, such as solar energy and water and wind and other, clean not cause pollution when used, therefore, is going to be used, there is also the nuclear energy that is the Renewable Sources of Energy, what is the nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy


Is the power generated through the splitting or integration of cores, this is done in the nuclear reactor, which have a special specifications to control interactions so as not to get out of control, and caused and undesirable.


The seriousness of the nuclear energy infrared rays, as they affect the living organisms, causing disabilities and distortions and can cause death directly, Radioactivity entering the intervention to the cells and affect their interactions directly, the process of getting rid of waste resulting from interactions big problem because it is up to the diet of the population through access to drinking water or to plants through leaks inside the Earth layers.


The cost of construction of a nuclear reactor is too large to be difficult for some States production, here in Jordan experts found quantities of uranium in nuclear reactors, and there are still discussions on the construction of the reactor and the electric power generation and a few prices lieu of oil and natural gas.


But in practice of scientists considers nuclear energy types of renewable energy inexhaustible, reliable in many of uses without fear of ending such as oil and natural gas.


Nuclear reactors

Centers which runs through the process of producing nuclear energy, in which it is the process or fission nuclear integration which produce thermal power enormous used to heat water to produce steam water, which in turn will be launched on the engines and turbines for the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy used to play many cities factories, one of the most important components of the nuclear reactor of the reactor core containing nuclear fuel which place the operations on the core, as well as to speed which calms the speed of neutron flux to exploit the largest possible power of the movement, and also contains the nuclear reactor on radiator which consists of water or hydrogen gas, which works to withdraw temperature nuclear interaction on the one hand, and the use of steam output in other operations on the other hand.

The use of nuclear energy


The use of nuclear energy in ancient times through the nuclear bomb thrown by the United States of America on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which left behind many of the devastating effects of the large numbers of the population, but as was the exploitation of this energy in the areas of various useful to serve the interests of human rights.


The areas of the use of nuclear energy

The military field: use of Uranium titanium in the manufacturing of nuclear bombs and offspring.

The treatment of cancer diseases through destroy cancerous cells and stop their growth.

The treatment of thyroid disease,
is used here of radioactive iodine. Use some of the isotopes in the diagnosis of diseases such as calcium the INF Code.

Used in Sterilization Operations of peacekeeping and some types of food as it is considered the best of other ways, and maintained for extended periods of time, and the sterilization and food conservation through exposing them to a certain proportion of nuclear radiation.

Electric power generation and reliance on them in various areas.


The future of nuclear energy

The use of the world nuclear energy because of the residues of radioactive nuclear and non-recyclable, in view of the global warming phenomenon resulting from the smoke of factories and outputs nuclear reactors, as well as to the significant losses as a result of mistakes in dealing with the reactors like what happened with the Fukushima reactor 2011 M.

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