The investments necessary for the energy sector in the future

Have Grown investments in the field of renewable energy at the level of developed large undeniable, however, the integration of major companies and markets remains the backbone of energy markets, the consensus that China, India and Brazil are the largest markets of renewable energy, but companies still focus its work and investments in Europe and America. That companies such as GE GE Energy Electric, Ormat Technologies, focused on the markets of many States, that some investors apcca some markets investments in areas such as wind power in central Europe reason because it was a huge market know well companies.

We cannot deny that alternative energy needs substantial investments – compared with the traditional power. At the present time, but we can say that it is now high-cost does will remain forever?, it was the price per kilo hours product in 1980 of wind power 40 cents dollars either the product from the solar cells was 100 cents dollars/kwh while it is now reached 5 cents dollars) kwh, about 15 cents dollars/kwh.

That pumping more investments in the research and development of alternative energy technologies will work on accelerating the integration of applications of alternative energy in society and find essential roles instead of waiting for the secondary roles or supplementary which could not be relied upon or reliable.

According to the study the status of Clean Edge Center for Investments in the field of renewable energy in 2006 and projections for the next 10 years the following:
— the world market of biofuels “Industrialization and sales ethanol and bio-diesel Bio-Diesel reached 20.5 billion dollars in 2006 and is expected to reach 80.9 billion dollars in 2016.
– The total value of the wind farms installed in 2006 about 17.9 billion dollars and is expected to reach 60.8 billion dollars by 2016.
– Solar Cells “included components of the system and model fixtures” will grow from 15.6 billion dollars in 2006 to 69.3 billion dollars in 2016.
– Expected growth market for fuel cells Fuel Cells and the distribution of hydrogen from 1.4 billion dollars “initially: contracts of research and experimental units test units” to 15.6 billion in 2016.

Any that the total investments in these four areas reached 55.4 billion dollars in 2006, and is expected to reach 226.5 billion dollars in 10 years.


The resettlement of energy technology


Shows the report prepared for the benefit of the ESCWA member countries about the possibilities of the local manufacturing of the components of the renewable energy in Egypt, the existence of the capabilities of ok to manufacture some components of the projects of the wind and solar energy, but what is confirmed by the study is that the transition from the stage of wishes to reality requires the processing of the theater of energy in general theater of renewable energy in particular, intended to re-processing: to overcome the obstacles that face the deployment of renewable energy use, and the implementation of a package of policies capable of attracting private investors.

Some examples of the obstacles that face the deployment of renewable energy, high capital cost compared with thermal stations, and the absence of cognitive side of developing States in the manufacture of components of renewable energy systems and low awareness of the importance of renewable sources in the face of environmental problems and the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

On the other hand, the political side of the desire of the local manufacturing of attracting private sector investment in renewable energy, can use financial incentives, fiscal, financial incentives in preference of suppliers of the largest proportion of local ingredients with the financial support of these components manufactured locally (wind turbines, photovoltaic cells,.. Etc.), the tax incentives consists in the reduction of the sales tax or tax on income from buyers or vendors of local components (wind turbines as an example), which could increase competition between companies as well as the proportion of local manufacturing.

The transfer of technology, including the transfer of the designs of the required components manufactured and thus intellectual property rights to the technology for producing local specifications, and the investment in research and development must be linked to local requirements for the development of renewable energy technologies. It therefore seems the establishment of centers of excellence is imperative, not only to meet local requirements but extending its activities to include the export of the outputs of the knowledge to States neighboring markets, especially in the presence of a variety of international universities in Egypt.

The resettlement of “technology” requires the need to stimulate the public-private partnership and close cooperation with research institutions, and the strengthening of local firms to accommodate the rehabilitation and development of technology and acclimate to suit the local environment and the importance of sustainable markets will provide continuity of research and development, and transfer and compatibility of technology and attract international companies to enter into partnerships with local actors, as well as the imperative of the research institutions and developmental role in support of technological progress and solving problems relating to intellectual property rights and reducing risks organizational, and to work to find knowledge networking between the political institutions of scientific and educational and industry, civil society institutions and the transfer of expertise and experiences and lessons learned whether technical or administrative or regulatory facilitate technology transfer and adaptation, and encourage investment.

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Energy and the environment

“The Challenges U.S. energy require pursuant to connected, we need the sources of clean energy and reliable to continue competition”, these words came on the tongue of US President Bush to visualize the need for policies to ensure Power America pioneered. On the other side was the first of the recommendations which the appendix to the report of the Royal Academy of Belgium applied sciences calls on the government to support and encourage research and pilot projects at the level of the European Union (EU) in the area of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, these and other signals from many quarters within the framework of intensive international efforts to preserve the environment, Paula Dobriansky – U.S. adviser for democracy and the world. Remember that the cosmic pollution causes the death of about 4400 people daily, most of them do not eat healthy food upland housing is not good for heating.

It Old rights to try as much as effort to protect himself from the dangers of the surrounding environment, what that rumbled mischief in the land, it tries to the extent possible effort to protect the planet from the evening, that we live now uncontrollable environmental damage is the harvest of years of tampering with human beings, won’t succeed.. It is impossible that the returns to earth her virginity wasted!!!!!!!!.

According to what was said by Carl power – the Director of the National Laboratory energy technology in America. The greatest difficulties facing the development of cleaner production technology atomic energy combined with isolating and storage of carbon dioxide, reducing the cost of isolating carbon and prove the safety and effectiveness of stored in geological formations for too long, which puts obstacles in front of the efforts of scientists toward reducing the impacts of climate change which will affect many states, in particular developing countries, which did not contribute impressively in climatic changes, for example does not represent Egypt emissions of greenhouse gases, only 0.57% of the total emissions of the world according to the registrar in the year 2005/2006, but Egypt is considered one of the most countries of the world were severely damaged the climatic changes. This comes with that of Egypt’s population aged one third of the population of the United States and which cause alone in about 25% of the total emissions of the world, and the holding of my simple default we find that in the case of equality of Egypt’s population with the population of the total emissions of Egypt will reach about 1.8% of the total emissions of the world, however, it is expected that Egypt paid the bill climatic changes on behalf of the many countries of the world who caused directly in the events of these changes.


Also the continuing increase in the rates of industrialization and industrial countries a similar increase in the production of hazardous wastes. Has doubled the production of annual global waste of more than one hundred times in the second half of the last century. In view of the threat posed by such wastes from serious implications complimenting the land, air, water and all living organisms, if not addressed or disposed of in accordance with the requirements of environmental safety and that little sites environmentally safe to bury such waste in the industrialized countries, the heads of states generated such wastes to exported and final disposal, usually receive the African States the biggest share of them, for example, succeeded one of the western companies (Cisco) to obtain the written consent of the Government of Benin for the transfer of five million tons annually of hazardous waste to the state of Benin in return for access to the government to two and a half dollars per ton, while the companies paid European industrial generated by the activities of these wastes thousand dollars for a company (Cisco) for per ton. Reports also indicate that the Government of the Republic of Benin, during the period from 1984 to 1988, the import of several tons of radioactive waste from the former Soviet Union for the purpose of final disposal. It also held at the same time, the bilateral negotiations with the French government for the import of radioactive waste French dangerous in return for getting a $1.6 million and economic aids for 30 years. It also signed a contract with the Anglo- American ‘Sesco-Gibraltar), Benin to store 50 million tons of toxic waste for ten years.

As that energy directly affect the environment – where the cause of energy in about 24% of the greenhouse gases. The environment also affect the prices modeled on energy, in the case of higher average earth temperature constitutionality rule of percentage will increase the demand for energy for cooling purposes in homes if this negative impact on the other hand, will lead the climatic changes to the rise of the wind speed which could be the impact of a double-sided, if the increase in the boundaries of the wind turbines, this means increased productivity and a positive impact, if increased from those borders is a disaster.


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